CNN Style Interview Video

Interview-VideoEstablish yourself as the expert in your city with your own "CNN Style Interview Video."  Let's face it, competition is getting harder and clients are getting more expensive to acquire.

Help them make the right choice and choose YOU over your competition with this amazing Credibility Boosting Video!

Don't know what to say?  No problem!  We've got you covered.  We'll share with you our award winning script and customize it for your business.

After customizing the script for you, we'll simply get a recording of you reading the script and sharing some valuable tips for your viewers, and we'll do the rest.

We'll get our spoke model to make an introduction and the closing statements, we'll hire the videographer, makeup artist, teleprompter, scripting experts, lighting equipment, animated graphics expert, and the studio production set.

In other words, we do all the heavy lifting to position you as the "go to" expert in your industry.

Who is this for?

This type of video is perfect for most professional services, like attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, mechanics, landscapers, spa owners, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC specialist.

In fact, we can produce an interview video for most any business that deals with clients, customers, or patients.

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Sounds great, but how much would something like this cost me?

Good question, but let's make an important distinction between a "cost" and an "investment".

Something that "costs" you is something that begins depreciating in value the moment you pay for it.  For example, a car is a "cost".  The moment you drive it away from the lot, it's worth less than what you just paid for it.

However, an "investment", on the other hand, is something that grows in value when you learn how to leverage that investment properly.  This video, if you leverage it right, will be your silent sales partner, giving you credibility and helping you get more clients due to the "authority" it gives you.

Our "CNN Style Interview Video" is so unique that we haven't found anyone else doing this kind of video, so we can't compare our pricing to anybody else's service.

To make it as affordable as possible and at the same time worthwhile to create due to the expenses involved in producing and editing one of these videos, our price is set at $1,500 per minute.

These videos are normally around 2:30 minutes in length, so price to produce a video is normally around $3,750.

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