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What's the main benefit of what you do? Example: "help businesses sell stuff", "help you find your dream house", "help you save money with business insurance".
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Name the top five main benefits of your product or service. (The ones you want to emphasize on LinkedIn that is.) This is what your product or service will do for the buyer.
Top Features
Name the top five features of your product or service. This is HOW the product or service will deliver those benefits above.
Main Questions You Ask
What are the five main questions you ask any new prospect for your product or service? (Example below are questions you would ask if you were selling commercial real estate)
Your Prospect
Tell us who your ideal prospect is:
Main problem that ideal prospect has in regards to what you're selling
Main way your product/service solves that problem
Final Info
In a short paragraph, how would you introduce yourself to someone who might be a lead for your business?
In a short paragraph, how did you end up where you are? What lead you to your current career, position, or business?