Vince Hodes Recognized as Top Recommended Professional by Business eBoost

San Diego, CA – Vince Hodes has been recognized by Business eBoost as a top recommended professional. Every month, Business eBoost seeks to recognize professionals based on creativity and business savvy. For his ability and experience in running a successful customer-oriented corporation, Vince Hodes was chosen for the month of November.

“On behalf of Midland Metal, it’s an honor to be recognized by Business eBoost,” said Mr. Hodes.

Midland Metal recently went through a merger with its brother company Midland Industrial. Both companies sell brass and stainless steel pipe, valves and fittings to different markets. Midland Industral was owned by Vince Hodes, while his brother, Billy Hodes, owned and operated Midland Metal. They merged their companies in an effort to offer better customer support to their current customer bases.

The merger didn’t affect their day to day business operations and they continued to serve their clients through it all. “Our customers are our number 1 priority, which is why we decided to merge, so that we can offer them an even better experience,” stated Mr. Hodes.

Running a successful company and going through a merger at the same time can be a stressful ordeal, sometimes even for customers. For his ability to navigate the transition successfully, Business eBoost has chosen to recognize Vince Hodes.

When asked what the merger meant to him, Mr. Hodes answered, “It’s really more about creating strong family ties. By merging, my brother and I get to share much more time together. It’s exciting to know he’s my partner.”

We asked Mr. Hodes if there are any challenges they have had to overcome, he replied, “Our strengths and experience really complement each other. We are able to spend more time and energy working on the things that we are naturally good at, enabling us to confidently depend on the other to focus on their strengths, making our effort more productive, efficient, and fulfilling.”

“For our family business, values are the connective tissue,” added Billy Hodes, “the source of our success, our commitment, and our longevity. They energize our culture, helping to assure cohesion, resolve conflicts and strengthen operations—through the natural act of passing down a legacy of teamwork.”

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